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March 8th-9th

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Learning Targets
-Students will improve keyboarding skills and be able to compare 3 HS
-Use CORE Reading system to understand "Self-Acceptance"
New Blog Post
Look at the DDHS ratings (2015 test scores)
    -Compare to Reynolds HS
    -Compare to Centennial HS
Also compare School Profiles

Testing Sentence Frame:
Compared to __________ we scored higher on ________ tests, but lower on _______ tests, and about the same on _________.

Profile Sentence Frame:
Looking at School Profiles, David Douglas has more _________, ______ students, but less ______, _______ students. I think this is because ________________. 

Collect, Organize, Rehearse, Evaluate

Today's Assignment
Part 1:
-Read "On Course Principles AT WORK" on pages 29-30...
    -What are "Soft Skills"? "Hard Skills"? (define, give examples)
    -What "Soft Skills" do you already have?
    -In your opinion, what are more important, Hard or Soft Skills?

Part 2:

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