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February 19-23rd

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Students will...

-Work on proper keyboarding technique

-Reflect and Journal on "Self-Assessment"

-Summarize and Pick Vocab words from "Tween Tribune"

-Keyboarding Review & Skillbuilding TypingWeb.com

  • Finish 4th Lesson
  • Start "Problem Keys"  – 20 min

Finish On Course: Self Assessment
    -Use Calculator
    -Google "calculator"

First Journal... (Instructions)
Rank your areas from Lowest to Highest...
8. Adopting Lifelong Learning (Lowest Score)
7. Believing in myself
6. Employing Interdependence
1. (Highest Score)

Read the "Choices of Successful/Un... Students" and identify the 
2 that you do in both areas (2 Highest/2 Lowest scores)

    -Write 3-4 sentences on if you agree/disagree and WHY

New Blog
Go to Tween Tribune and pick a story...
-Summarize in 3 Sentences
-Find 3 Vocab words
    -Use in a sentence

Answer the following questions:
1. How are these families affected by poverty?

2. How did they families end up in poverty?

3. Do we have a responsibility as a society to address poverty and issues related to it?             If so, how do we deal with these issues?

4. Do you think these kids will be able to escape poverty as adults? Why/why not? 

Make sure you have at least 2-3 sentences (notes) for each question

Turn in basket at the end of class

55 minutes