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April 20th-21st

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Finish Lottery Assignment
Turn in HERE: (Lottery Assignment)

Finish Book Slideshow

-Pick any section from the "On Course" book that we have not already covered
        -Understanding the Culture of Higher Education
        -Becoming an Active Learner
        -Believing in Yourself
        -Adopting a Creator Mindset
        -Mastering Creator Language
        -Making Wise Decisions
-Section must be 4-5 pages or more
-Create a Google Presentation
    -Summarize and highlight the most important parts
    -Include 4-5 pictures (NOT AS BACKGROUND!!!)
    -Must be at least 11 slides long
    -Font size >18
    -No Paragraphs!!!
    -Pick a THEME

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Per 7: B57WC-WHQMZ
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