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April 11th-12th

posted Apr 11, 2016, 10:10 PM by Mike Costello   [ updated Nov 10, 2016, 7:14 AM ]
Today we will . . . learn how to master Creator language
and... continue to improve keyboarding technique
So we can . . . create greater success for ourselves by changing our vocabulary & how we speak
and... become more efficient on computers
As shown by . . . class discussion & notetaking on the Mastering Creator Language PowerPoint
and... typing in our blog

Typing.com - 20 Min

Do you have an appropriate email other than your school email? 
If not please make a new one...


Cornell Notes
Either using GoogleDocs or a piece of paper take notes on 
"Mastering Creator Language"

Make sure you are logged into your GoogleDocs
Use the template 
    -File->Make a Copy

Mastering Creator Language

1. Copy and Paste the Victim Language statements from below 
and translate them into Creator Language...

    -The two keys to Creator Language are taking ownership of a         problem and taking positive actions to solve it. 
        -Ownership and a Plan
        -See Page 51-52 in book for examples

Show OWNERSHIP and a PLAN!!!

 Victim Language
 Creator Language
1. If they'd do something about the parking on campus, I wouldn't be late so often.
2. I'm failing my online class because the site is impossible to navigate. 
3. I'm too shy to ask questions in class even when I'm confused.
4. She's a lousy instructor. That's why I failed the first test.
5. I hate group projects because people are lazy and I always end up doing most of the work.
6. I wish I could write better, but I just can't.
7. My friend got me so angry that I can't even study for the exam.
8. I'll try to do my best this semester.
9. The financial aid form is too complicated to fill out. 
10. I work nights so I didn't have time to do the assignment. 

2. Is your habit to speak as a Victim or Creator? Do you find yourself more inclined to blame yourself, blame others, or seek solutions?
(3-4 Sentences)

Apply to MHCC College Now!!!! (Have you done this with Mr. Yates?)
Need to know:
-First and Last Name
-Mother's Maiden Name (not required)
-Phone Number
-Email address (Create one @ gmail.com)(Can you log in?)
    -Do not use your David Douglas Email
-Physical Mailing Address (Check StudentVUE)
-Don't put Social Security Number!!!
-Save any email you get from them!!!

Go to www.MHCC.edu

Click Getting Started @ MHCC

Click on Apply Now

Click on Admission Application

Click on College Now Application-High School (mid-page)

Click to fill out application
    -Do not use the Back button, click "Previous Page" at the bottom
Fill out Application

Once it's done click Submit Application