PACE 2 Syllabus

PACE II Semester Outline

(Personal And Career Exploration II)

PACE II, which we will rename “Life” for the next eighteen weeks, is a core class required for graduation from David Douglas High School.  It is intended to expose student’s possible career paths as students prepare for their future and the world of work.  In addition to gaining useful career knowledge, students will participate in many “technology” activities that will be challenging, yet fun and will leave this class with an e-Portfolio of their work.

EXPECTIONS:  The following is a list of expectations of ALL students.  They are general in nature, but can be explained in more detail if student behavior indicates clarity is necessary.
  • All students will respect all individuals they encounter in PACE II.
  • All students will follow the DDHS attendance policy.
  • All students will make every effort to be as successful as possible while participating in PACE II.
  • All students will be prepared for class.
  • All students will be responsible for completing all assignments on time and in accordance with the grading policy. If an assignment is late you will lose points.
  • All students will come to class ready to learn, participate in a positive manner, and cooperate with the teacher and fellow classmates.
  • All students will make an honest effort to maintain and constructively use open lines of communication necessary for student and teacher success.

COURSE TOPICS:  Each student will cover many different topics in PACE II.  Due dates, scoring guides, and a complete explanation of requirements will be provided with all assignments and projects.  Projects are mostly individual in nature, but some will involve small group participation. The six units we will cover include:

    1.    Autobiography
    2.    Career Learning Areas
    3.    College/Tech School Exploration
    4.    Google Docs
    5.    Job Readiness
    6.    e-Portfolio showcasing Essential Skills
    7.    Copyright Laws/Netiquette
    8.    Daily blogging requiring higher order thinking skills

GRADING:  All work will be graded on a point scale based upon the weight of each individual assignment.  At the end of the semester, the total amount of points earned on all graded work and student participation will be divided by the total points possible to determine the student’s final grade.  In order to receive a passing grade in PACE II, students are expected to attain a minimum score of 70%. The grading scale for PACE II is as follows:

A = 100+ - 90%    B = 89 - 80%        C = 79 - 70%

  • Do Your Best
  • Treat Everyone with Respect
  • Be Self-Directed and Organized

                    …And You Will Be Successful!!!