September 23rd-24th

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Please start to use "Touch Typing" meaning using HOME ROW and looking at the screen when typing. It's helpful to think what you are typing as you are doing it, or spelling the word out as you are typing in your head.
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-Why is Proper Keyboard Technique important? (3 Sentences)
-Why is Posture important when keyboarding? (3 Sentences)
-Find 2 images of proper keyboard technique and insert them 
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Finish: "Taking The First Step" Notes
    -Notes and 3 Sentence summary at bottom of notes

On Course: Self Assessment

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Rank your areas from Lowest to Highest...
7. Believing in myself
6. Employing Interdependence

Read the "Choices of Successful Students" and identify the 
2 that you do in both areas
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