Nov. 14th-17th

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Blog Check #2 (25 min)
Blog #11/12?
Click on the LINK
The articles linked here are all OPINION PIECES
1. Pick an article and summarize the authors opinion in 5 sentences
    -Use quotes "..." from the article to prove your point
2. In at least 3 sentences, tell me if you agree/disagree and WHY
Microsoft Excel
Complete the following assignments in EXCEL
It is very similar to Google Spreadsheets

If you forgot your login->Click on "Forgot Password"
Enter your student gmail:

For Absences/Tardies we have had 24 days of school
% Turned in=Assignments Turned IN/# of Assignments
Grade %=Points Recieved/Points Possible
% Absent=Days Absent/24
% Tardy=Tardies/24
*Format these cells to %
Save As and Upload to GoogleDocs
Per#_First Last_StudentVUE

Google Spreadsheet

For your Thanksgiving Meal please visit for prices
-Use brand names in your Excel Document
-Use AREA CODE 98311 or 97220
Save As and Upload to GoogleDocs
Per#_First Last_Thanksgiving

Must have:
1 Main Course
3 Side Dishes
1 Drink
1 Dessert

Google Document