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20 min of Typingweb.com
    -Finish 3rd Lesson
    -Start "Your Problem Keys" Lesson (bottom of page)

Username: Last First## (##=last 2 digits of ID#)
Password: Student ID#

Take out Notes from last class...
    -Notes and 3 Sentence summary at bottom of notes

Finish: On Course: Self Assessment
Add up scores on 3rd page
    -Use a calculator!!!
        -Start Menu of Computer

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Rank your areas from Lowest to Highest...
8. Adopting Lifelong Learning
7. Believing in myself
6. Employing Interdependence

Read the "Choices of Successful/Un... Students" and identify the 
2 that you do in both areas (2 Highest/2 Lowest scores)
    -Write 3-4 sentences on if you agree/disagree and WHY