February 25-26th

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Open a New Google Doc
-Title it "Interest Profiler"


Login: ddouglas

Password: ddhs

-Go to "Explore Resources" and then click on "Occupations"

-Find "Interest Profiler - Short" and click

    -Read through the descriptions and click on appropriate box

-When you get to the last screen, "copy/paste" your results

-Click on the 2 highest Interest Areas and "copy/paste" the results

    -List of jobs


Answer the following questions:
Using complete sentences
1. What 3 jobs are you interested in most from the list? Why? (2-3 Sentences)
    -The 3 jobs I'm most interested are...
2. Can you see yourself doing these jobs? Why/Why not? (2-3 Sentences)
    -I can/cannot see myself doing any of these jobs because...
3. Why do you think these types of jobs came up for you? (2+ Sentences)
    -These jobs came up for me because I...

New Blog Post

"Helpful High School Courses"


Login: ddouglas

Password: ddhs

-Click on "Explore Resources"

-Click on "Occupations"

        -And then "Occupation List"


-Use 3 jobs you found from the "Interest Profiler"

-Use the sorting tool to find 3 jobs you are interested in

-Must pick at least one from each:

    -No College (On the job training) (0-1 year)

    -Associate’s Degree or Postsecondary Certificate (2-3 years)

    -Bachelor’s Degree+ (4 years or more)

-Include a quick description of each job (1-2 sentences)

"The jobs I'm interested in are..."

-Click on each job you selected

-Go to “Helpful High School Courses” on the left side of the menu

-For each career pick a few courses that are helpful (4+)

We will be using these “Helpful High School Courses” in an assignment.

Copy and Paste the classes with the jobs

Should look like this:

Financial Counselor

  • Banking and Finance
  • Computer Applications
  • Consumer Law
  • Economics
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Personal Finance
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Business

4 year HS Plan

-Click on the assignment HERE

-Go to File->Make a Copy

--Must fill out YELLOW Classes (required)

--Must plan out Empty Spaces (Highlight Light Blue)

Use the courses you listed in the "Helpful High School Courses Blog"

-Find Classes that match up in the DDHS CURRICULUM GUIDE (20-21)

----Enrichment Program Guide 2019-20 – After School Clubs and Activities

Copy of DDHS 4-YEAR PLAN Regular Diploma

Turn in 4 Year HS Plan HERE

Fill out paper copy of 4 Year Plan too!