January 31st-February 3rd

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Blog Creation
    -2 Truths 1 Lie

Blog # 1 - Benefits of Touch Typing - Today's Date

Article HERE

1. What are the 8 benefits listed in the blog post?
            "The 8 benefits are..."

2. What 3 Benefits do you believe are most important and WHY (2-3 Sent Each)

3. IMO (In my opinion) How important is touch typing? 
    Should I be covering this material in class? 
    Should a class like Digital Literacy be required? 4 sent
            "In my opinion touch typing is..."

-Title Slide and Conclusion slide

-5 Must have slides (Highlighted)

-5 Choice slides

-Font 18 or larger

-Use bullet points!

To use pictures from your phone:
Download Google Drive to your phone
-Sign in with student email (ID#@stu.ddsd40.org)
-Upload to your drive

Finish at least 6 slides today!

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