Feb 27-28th

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-20 min
Beginner Lessons Due March 2nd-3rd (next class)

Finish 4 Year HS Plan

-Click on the assignment HERE

-Go to File->Make a Copy

--Must fill out YELLOW Classes (required)

--Must plan out Empty Spaces (Highlight Light Blue)

Use the courses you listed in the "Helpful High School Courses Blog"

-Find Classes that match up in the DDHS CURRICULUM GUIDE (20-21)

----Enrichment Program Guide 2019-20 – After School Clubs and Activities

*** Fine Arts

 Business Education 

 Family and Consumer Studies 

 Industrial Technology 

 Fine Arts 

 Music 

 Theatre 

 Foreign Language

Move PACE to Jr year (Personal Finance)

Need 2 years of Language for University

Need Physics or Chemistry for University

Classes that replace PACE

Natural Resources 2 (12)

Entrepreneurship 1 (10,11,12)

Architectural Design (10,11,12)

Automotive 2 (11,12)

Introduction to Interpretation (11,12)

Health Science 1 (11,12)

Introduction to Education (11,12)

Turn in 4 Year HS Plan HERE

Fill out paper copy of 4 Year Plan too!
-Bring up to me to get points
        -Must have all 4 years filled out