September 20th-21st

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NEW Blog Post
-Go to Google Sites
    -Click on your Site
-New Post
-Title: Freshman Year September 20

-What are the two most important ideas from this article to you? Why? (4-6 Sentences)
    The two most important things in my opinion are... Because...

-So far, how has your freshman year gone? (2-3 Sentences)
    My freshman year has gone... This is going well... This could improve...

When you're done

-At the bottom of your Notes Google Doc
-Write 2 emails to 2 different teachers (on 1 document)
    -Thank you
    -Have a good day
-Use the correct format
    -Proper email subject
    -Dear Mr/Ms. __________, Last Name only
    -Name and Period


Copy/Paste the email text and send to the actual teacher(s):
Teacher email =
    -Type in their last name and it should pop up

To Do List:
-Take notes
-Rough draft 2 emails
-Send final draft of an email to 2 teachers
-Turn in Notes/Rough Drafts to Mr. Costello HERE
  Write 2 rough drafts
  Send emails
  Turn in notes

Sample Email BAD:
castello whats up. hope you have a good weekend! no cap gang gang gang DRIP

Sample Email:

Subject: Old Student (Not in actual email)

Mr. Costello,
Hi! This is Alyssa from a few years ago, you were my 5th grade teacher. I just wanted to let you know I'm a freshman in HS now,
and I still think about how awesome of a teacher you were!


Joe Student

Sample Email #2:

Subject: 5th Period Digital Literacy (Not in actual email)

Mr. East,
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your class, you make Math a lot more interesting than my previous teachers. Have a great day!


Joe Student

Quick Check Up
-5 Slides
-18 font or bigger
-3 pictures maximum

Slide 1: Intro Slide - Title, Name, Period
Slide 2: One thing I've learned so far in Digital Literacy
Slide 3: One thing that has gone well so far in school
Slide 4: One thing that I can improve (School Related)
Slide 5: The End

Due End of class