October 8-9th

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#5 - Music while studying
Only read parts in yellow
Questions (copy/paste)
1. What is the Mozart Effect?  Is it True? 2-3 sentences

2. What type of music tends to help you study and what type hurts it? 2-3 sentences

3. What Type of studying / Learning is sometimes HELPED by music? 2-3 sentences

4. What Type of studying / Learning is HURT by music? 2-3 sentences

Link to Article / Excerpt HERE

Blog Check #1
5. Music While Studying
4. What is Success
3. Freshman Year
2. Pregnant Lady on Max
1. Touch Type

Student Path Survey

*When students register/log in, they go to the first page (Profile).
They should start here: Fill in the required fields.

When they are done with the page, students should hit ‘Next’ - that
saves their work.

*On second page – (Post-secondary options) – Students choose post-
secondary options that might be of interest. (Choose all that apply)

Then hit ‘Next’ to save their work.

*Third page - Students fill out the three survey questions (Survey
page). (Copy and paste from your blog)

Students need to hit the ‘Next’ button on each page to save their work.

Questions 4-6 Sentence answers
1. What are some of your career goals? Describe a few things that you must do before you become this accomplished person.

2. Describe how a mentor or adult provided you advice or insight into life this past year. What did you learn?

3. Describe things you do to stay healthy.

You will need to fill out / correct any information on the last page before you submit

(Raise your hand before you hit submit and I will check you off)

    -Be honest!!!
    -Score 0-10
            -0 Completely False
            -10 Completely True

Hinder: Get in the way of
Effective: Successful
Critically and Analytically: Break things down and analyze
Seldom: Not very often

A score of...
0-39 - Indicates an area where your choices will SELDOM keep you on course
40-63 - Indicates an area where your choices will SOMETIMES keep you on course
64-80 - Indicates an area where your choices will USUALLY keep you on course

-Copy/Paste on to a new document titled "Self Assessment"

In the GOOGLE DOC answer the following questions...
Question #1 - (4-6 Sentences)
-What were your 2 highest scores in?
    -What does that mean you do well?
    -Give examples
-Do you agree/disagree? 
example answer:
My two highest scores were "self-management" and "lifelong learning". This means I am able to take responsibility for my own well being. I do this by using my planner to stay organized and try to stick to a schedule. "Lifelong learning" basically means I enjoy learning new things, which I do. I read outside of class and am taking new electives. I also watch YouTube a lot to try and figure things out for my video games.
I pretty much agree with these two being my highest, but it was kind of surprising. As I don't always feel like I do a good job on the self-management side of things. Being organized is hard sometimes, but it works for me. 

Question #2 - (4-6 Sentences)
-What were your 2 lowest scores?
    -What does that mean you need to improve on?
    -Do you agree/disagree?
example answer:
My two lowest scores were in "self-motivation" and "emotional intelligence". This means I need others to motivate me, which I don't think is true. I do a good job of getting my homework and chores done on my own. The "emotional intelligence" thing is pretty true, I am clueless when it comes to other people's emotions. I am pretty good at recognizing my own emotions though and what makes me upset/happy. I think some of that has to do with the fact that I'm a freshman in HS and still have a lot to figure out. 

Mike Costello,
Oct 8, 2019, 2:43 PM