October 4-7th

posted Oct 3, 2019, 2:33 PM by Mike Costello   [ updated Oct 7, 2019, 7:35 AM ]
Hey guys, 
I know this is the first time having a sub for my class this year, please treat her with as much/more respect, as you do me. I'm not expecting any problems, you guys are all good classes.
If he writes your name down as misbehaving, you will get a detention :) so don't do it 


Mr. Costello

Last day to work on Beginner Lessons

-20 min

-12 Slides (title/conclusion slide)
-Bullet Points
-Size 18 font OR BIGGER
-No more than 10 pictures
-Must do topics in GREEN

Slide Breakdown
-Title Slide
-Introduce the subject (1-2 slides)
    -Who are they?
    -What should I know about them?
-Background (1-2)
-Why are they a Success (1-2)
    -What have they achieved?
-How they achieved it (3-4)
-Obstacles they overcame (2-3)
-Traits they had that lead to success (2-3)
    -How they showed it
-The End

Due October 8th-9th Due OCT 7TH (A-DAY)