October 28-29th

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Intermediate Lessons tOdAy!

Reminder.... As the fall season wraps up it is time now to start getting cleared for winter athletics.

JV Cheer for Basketball tryouts will be 11/7 & 11/8 - North Cafe 4-7 pm
TAMS dance tryouts will be 11/14- South Cafe

Basketball- Wrestling-Swimming - OSAA first day of tryouts/practice November 18th

Finish Karate Kid (Growth Mindset)
Karate Kid W/S Film Questions / Notes 

New Blog Post (The Karate Kid)
1. What was your character's "mindset" in the beginning of the movie?
    -How do you know? (give examples) 3-4 Sentences

2. Did your character's "mindset" change? How?
    3-4 Sentences

3. What is the lesson to be learned from this movie? (2-3 sentences)

Turn in movie notes