October 10-14th

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-20 min
-Intermediate Lessons

Blog Check #1
5. Music While Studying
4. What is Success
3. Freshman Year
2. Pregnant Lady on Max
1. Touch Type

    -Be honest!!!
    -Score 0-10
            -0 Completely False
            -10 Completely True

Hinder: Get in the way of
Effective: Successful
Critically and Analytically: Break things down and analyze
Seldom: Not very often

A score of...
0-39 - Indicates an area where your choices will SELDOM keep you on course
40-63 - Indicates an area where your choices will SOMETIMES keep you on course
64-80 - Indicates an area where your choices will USUALLY keep you on course

-Copy/Paste on to a new document titled "Self Assessment"

In the GOOGLE DOC answer the following questions...
Question #1 - (4-6 Sentences)
-What were your 2 highest scores in?
    -What does that mean you do well?
    -Give examples
-Do you agree/disagree? 
example answer:
My two highest scores were "self-management" and "lifelong learning". This means I am able to take responsibility for my own well being. I do this by using my planner to stay organized and try to stick to a schedule. "Lifelong learning" basically means I enjoy learning new things, which I do. I read outside of class and am taking new electives. I also watch YouTube a lot to try and figure things out for my video games.
I pretty much agree with these two being my highest, but it was kind of surprising. As I don't always feel like I do a good job on the self-management side of things. Being organized is hard sometimes, but it works for me. 

Question #2 - (4-6 Sentences)
-What were your 2 lowest scores?
    -What does that mean you need to improve on?
    -Do you agree/disagree?
example answer:
My two lowest scores were in "self-motivation" and "emotional intelligence". This means I need others to motivate me, which I don't think is true. I do a good job of getting my homework and chores done on my own. The "emotional intelligence" thing is pretty true, I am clueless when it comes to other people's emotions. I am pretty good at recognizing my own emotions though and what makes me upset/happy. I think some of that has to do with the fact that I'm a freshman in HS and still have a lot to figure out. 

--Make sure "Anyone with the link" can view

-Finish "Successful Person" Slideshow
-Make up Blogs
-Make up missing work
-Quietly play games 
-Work on homework for another class

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