January 8-9th

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Due at the end of the week!

SHMOOP Day 3 - Real Websites
-Open a new Google Doc

Step 1 (15 mins):  "Website Evaluation True or False Quiz."  Take the quiz on their own and then “correct” your own quiz, as we discuss the answers as a whole class.

INSERT A TABLE 3 cells wide X 12 cells tall

 Statement     True/False? Explanation
 Wikipedia is the gospel. I can believe it and use it for my class papers  
 Websites that end in .gov are always legit  
 Websites that use tildes are where I put my trust  
 I can trust websites that end in .edu    
 Information from .com domains will always be false  
 Information from .org domains will always be true  
 Information from .net domains will always be false  
 It says "blog" in the URL, so it can't be trusted  
 I can trust a website with typos  
 The site's graphics are super high quality, so it's a trustworthy source  
 I shouldn't be so cynical about websites' missing info and authors, cause that make me a hater  

Step 2 (10 mins): Review with students the guidelines outlined for detecting lies online. Hopefully, they will have gathered all of the following tips:


·         Copy & paste the following 6 items into your Netiquette Doc


  1. Be a skeptic.
  2. Don’t be fooled by cool or professional websites. 
  3. Ask yourself what’s the point of view of the site. What are they trying to get me to believe? What opinions or ideas are missing? 
  4. Investigate the source. Find out who published the information. 
  5. Follow the "Rule of 3": compare three sources of information. 
  6. Be careful about using facts that you find without checking them out first.

Step 3 (20 mins): Give students the "Shady or Legit? Web Evaluation Form" handout and ask them to evaluate whether the listed websites seem to deserve an L (for legit) or S (for shady).


Now that we know a little bit about what to look for, let’s use this worksheet to evaluate whether some websites are valid and true or probably not.

Insert a table 6 Wide X 11 Tall

 Website  Shady or Legit?Can you tell who wrote the site?
Are they a legit source of information?
Can info be found on other sites?
Does it answer all your questions?
Professional looking?
Formate raise concerns?
URL seem safe?
Biased? Do you see anything that makes you think the site isn't totally objective?
Does the website have an "agenda"?


Step 4 (15 mins): As a class, discuss the websites and how the students determined whether they were shady or legitimate.

Which sites deserve the following awards:

  1. Sketchiest (Worst)
  2. Most Legit (Best)
  3. Sassiest (Bold)
  4. Pics Had It Goin’ On (Best Looking)
  5. Smells Fishy (Need to research more)

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