December 3rd-4th

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1. What are the 4 reasons for learning Excel (Spreadsheets)?

2. Which of these are most important to you? Why? (3 Sentences)

-Follow Along

Google Spreadsheet
Open a new Google Spreadsheet
-Title it Lottery Winnings

Lottery Assignment: (20 min)
Make your own Spreadsheet that shows me how you would spend the $100,000.00 you won in the lottery, YES you have to spend it all.

-Include a Header w/ a border (Lottery Winnings, Name, Date) 
-Make a chart (pie, line, bar) 
-Use a formula to update your total 
-Format the cells to $ (currency)
-Must buy at least 5 items
-Include 5 images (do this last)
-Item Total Formula: =sum(

Your Lottery Winnings should look something like this...

Turn in HERE: (Lottery Assignment)
Make sure document can be seen "by anyone at DD"
-More-> "Anyone at DD" CAN EDIT

Need Help? (video)
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