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Level Up Syllabus

Level Up 2022-2023 


Mr. Costello – Mr. East – Ms. Underwood

Mr. Kramer - Dr.Sennott - Mr. Sierra

Course Overview: This class is scientifically proven to provide people your age with the guidance they need to go from exactly where they are to the next highest place they can be. If you try your hardest to complete all of the challenges we provide, you will be better thinkers and doers. It doesn't matter how good you are at school, you can always be better. You may think your friendships and relationships are great now, but people change. People have to learn to adapt to new circumstances, and some people learn the hard way. But, you don't have to learn the hard way.

Course Description: This introductory course will develop students’ understanding of how to create successful and healthy habits in high school, college, and life. Students will develop their skills, knowledge, and understanding of how to be efficient and responsible while using technology as a communication and research tool including mental health, personal psychology, proper netiquette, safety, and online citizenship. 

Course Objectives:  This course is designed to help freshmen with the transition to high school and life.  We will be covering a variety of topics with the idea that over time you will be better at using a computer over the course of the year.  You will be working on your touch typing along with learning how to use a computer more efficiently, through programs and shortcuts.

You will be creating a personal website that will be used as a hub to post your ideas and feelings about the topics discussed in this class.  You will also be writing / sharing your academic / personal goals on this website.  The goal of this website will be to provide you with a platform to share what you want to achieve but also to prove that websites can be used in a variety of ways.

This class will explore where you currently are personality-wise and where you might want to go.  We will talk about healthy habits that successful people have and how to start them.  It will be important that you understand the difference between feedback and criticism while these topics are discussed. 

ADA Accommodations Statement: Students with physical or learning disabilities who may require accommodations are encouraged to contact the Counseling Office at the beginning of the semester. After disclosing the nature of the disability, students are urged to discuss their needs with individual instructors. Instructors, in conjunction with appropriate college officials, will provide assistance and/or accommodations only to those students who have completed this process. 

Assignments: All late assignments will be scored at 80% unless prior arrangements are made for the assignments (Email). You are responsible for all assignments, even if you are absent from school. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what we did, and what is due.

All assignments will be turned into Google Classroom, unless otherwise instructed.  

Use of Computing Resources: All resources and facilities of the Data Processing Labs, including the computer classroom sites, are to be used solely for legitimate and authorized academic and administrative purposes. Any unauthorized or illegitimate use of the computer systems, resources, and/or facilities will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. 

Grading: Each student will be evaluated on all facets of this course, its activities/projects, attendance/punctuality, and daily class participation. The weightings will heavily favor projects. 100-90% A - 89-80% B - 79-70% C - 69-60% D - Below 59% F  (Points-based class) 

Late Work Policy: Work can be turned in late during the current grading period but you will lose 20% of the points from the assignment.  Late work will not be accepted from previous grading windows. 

Assignments turned in late due to EXCUSED ABSENCES will not be penalized, if turned in within a reasonable amount of time.