May 9-10th

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Hello class,
Sorry that I have a sub today (Mr. Matthews), I know you guys will miss me :)

Today we are finishing Shmoop Day 2 and then making Awareness Posters
for Cyberbullying and your Digital Footprint, directions/video is below.

Behave for the sub, better than you would for me, if the sub writes your name down, you will
receive a detention from me when I get back. I do not expect anyone's name to be written down. 
Please finish your work and keep your phones away!

See you next week!
Mr. Costello

Typing Web - 25 min
-Click on 
    -Due May 24th!!!

FINISH Shmoop Day 2 Steps 4-5

Step 4 (5 mins):  Class discussion on the following questions:

  1. So tell me some of the things that you found out about yourself or the adults in your life. Did any of them surprise you? Are you surprised to find that information about yourself publicly available? 

  2. Were you alarmed by anything that you found about themselves/others online? If so, can you think of what action, if any, you might take about this to have the information removed? 

  3. Did you find out anything surprising about your family?

Step 5 (10 mins):  Copy & paste the following questions into a Google Doc and answer the questions in complete sentences, restating the question in your answers.  As a class watch "Digital Dossier"  

  1. What is a digital dossier? 

  2. When does it start? 

  3. What is the first ever part of Andy's digital dossier? 

  4. When Andy is born, what information does his digital bracelet have? 

  5. When Andy goes on Neopets, what information does he provide about himself? 

  6. What information does Andy post on Facebook? What does Facebook do with this information? 

  7. What does Google do with the searches that Andy performs? 

  8. What happens when Andy buys something from Amazon? 

  9. What does Andy's cell phone GPS do? 

  10. What happens when Andy gets married? 

  11. What will happen to Andy's dossier when he dies? 

  12. Think about what you found out about yourself in our previous activity. What does your digital dossier say about you?

Turn in Shmoop Day 2 Here
Make sure document can be seen "Anyone at David Douglas"
-More-> "Anyone at David Douglas can view"

Did you turn in Shmoop Day 2? Check HERE
-Update... You didn't...

Anti-Cyberbullying/Digital Footprint Poster Assignment


2 Posters
Due today
Video showing how to make a poster in Slides

Turn in HERE