May 28-29th

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Typing Web - 20 min

-Advanced Lessons Due May 31st!!!

Final typing test Thursday/Friday

CLA'S Day 2

  1. Fill out Google Sheet with classes that fit the occupations you have researched. Be careful to not mess up the formulas!!!

    1. Use the DD curriculum guide to find classes we offer to find HS classes we have that match or are very close

    2. Make sure you match up prerequisites needed

    3. Use CNTRL F / Window F to search curriculum guide FAST!

    4. Will have WS if you need a paper copy to visualize classes

  1. Graduation Requirements / Color Code Classes

    1. Find classes that fit your career interest but you still need to graduate

    2. You need 25 Credits to graduate.  

    3. You need a 2.0 to graduate HS.

    4. 4 English credits

    5. 3 Math credits

    6. 3 Social Studies Credits

    7. 3 Science Credit (Physics or Chem required or University)

    8. 1.5 Physical Education

    9. 1 Career Credit (Dig Lit / Pace or replacement)

    10. 2 Fine Art or two consecutive years of Language

    11. 1 Health (Freshman year)

  1. Fill out grades you have received/are expecting in future classes

    1. This will help give you an idea of what careers are realistic

      1. Look up average GPA / Average education for jobs.

    2. Most Universities require 3.0 or higher out of high school

      1. You can transfer from CC most of the time and be ok.

    3. Find out what type of grades are needed to raise your GPA

      1. You might need to take some classes are are easy

  2. Answer These questions in a Google Doc for your final. 3-5 Sent (CLA Questions)

    1. What are classes that I need to work harder in / Spend more time studying to make sure I can obtain the GPA required for my desired Job?  What are your current work habits and what can you change?

  1. What classes are most important for my desired Job/Field that I am interested in?  Does David Douglas offer these classes or will I need to find an after-school extracurricular club or class?

  1. What is going to be your largest obstacle preventing you from being successful moving forward?  Examples: Attendance, procrastination, lazy, quitting, attitude, family, etc...

  1. What is the importance of this assignment?  Why does Mr. Costello want you to know this information, like your GPA / Job information?


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    Turn in HS PLAN QUESTIONS Here

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