May 23rd-24th

posted May 23, 2019, 7:21 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated May 23, 2019, 11:14 AM ]
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    -Only read "Explore your interests" Section
        -Summarize "Learn About Yourself", "Identify Possible Careers" and "Do Your Research"
            -3 main points (Full sentences)

Turn in any missing late work

-Open a new Google Presentation

-Title it “Career Learning Areas”

-Go to Oregon CIS

    -Login: ddouglas

    -Password: ddhs

-At least 6 Slides Long

-Size 18 font

-Bullet points (8 words or less)

-Max 1 image per slide

Slide 1 - Title Slide

-Title of assignment

-Name, Period, Date

Slide 2 - Career Learning Area Overview

-Hover over “Education” and select “Career Learning Areas”

-Pick a CLA that you are interested in

-Summarize the “Overview” in your own words

Slides 3 and 4 - Occupations

-Click on “Occupations” from your CLA page

-Pick 3-5 jobs that you are interested in

-Must pick at least one from each:

    -No College (On the job training)

    -Associate’s Degree or Postsecondary Certificate

    -Bachelor’s Degree+

-Include a quick description of each job (1-2 sentences)

Slides 5 and 6 - Helpful High School Courses

-Click on each job you select

-Go to “Helpful High School Courses” on the left side of the menu

-For each career pick a few courses that are helpful (4+)

We will be using these “Helpful High School Courses” in an assignment next class.

So be sure to list names and explanations of each.

Turn in CLA Presentation Here

Make sure document can be seen "Anyone at David Douglas"
-More-> "Anyone at David Douglas can view"