May 15-16th

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New Blog "Not Secure"

1. What does it mean when a website is "Not Secure" 2-4 sent
2. What is the benefit of knowing you are on a secure website 1-2 Sent 
3. Should you never visit a Not Secure website? 2-4 sent
4. What could be at risk if you are entering information to unsecured websites 2-4 Sent
5. What Privacy issues do Not Secure have when you are searching the web? 2-4 Sent    

SHMOOP Day Three: Domains

1. What do the following Domains stand for? (Look them up on google) 
        .com =
        .net =
        .org =
        .gov =
        .edu =
        .mil =
        .uk =
        .us =

2.  Rank the domains according to the credibility (What ones are are more controlled / not for $)

3.  If you are writing a research paper or trying to convince someone with data/facts what types of websites would have more credibility and explain? why?  

Can websites with different domains or ones that are low on your list still be good to use and why?  
(3-5 Sent)

Google this "domain credibility"

4. Some of the domains could lose credibility in a variety of ways...  
How could a .gov/org lose credibility over time? (3-5 Sent)  (
Think about why you would stop using a website / If you thought some of the writers/contributors were biased or incorrect) 

Google this "domain credibility"

5. Find websites that use each domain. (Use google any copy and paste the Link) Ex

Turn in Shmoop Day 3 Here
Make sure document can be seen "Anyone at David Douglas"
-More-> "Anyone at David Douglas can view"