March 6-7th

posted Mar 6, 2019, 8:11 AM by Mike Costello
Blog #6 Importance of Self Awareness

1. Definition of Self-Awareness in the article

2. Why is it important to have? 3-8 Sentences

3. What is bias? how does it affect people? 3-8 Sentences

4. We can always do better. Which of the 4 strategies do you think is most effective for you and why? 3-8 Sentences

5. What is the issue you have been putting off or the goal you have not set yet?  "Being Aware of your needs and
acting on them can help you improve" What do you need to do!? 3-8 Sentences

Self Awareness Article HERE

Finish "About Me" Presentation

Slide 1 - Title Slide
Slides 2-5 - Self-Assessment
Slides 6-10 - 16 Personalities info
Slide 11 - Conclusion
Slide 12 - Thanks for listening