March 4-5th

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Learning Targets
-Improve typing skills
-What does my personality/self-assessment say about me?

Typing Time
-20 minutes
    -Click "Sign In with Google"

*Finish 16 Personalities and Self-Assessment

About Me Presentation
-Using the information we collected the last 3 classes, tell me about yourself...
-12 slides long
-Pick a theme
-Bullet points
-No more than 5 pictures

Using your Self-Assessment and 16 Personalities results produce a Slideshow

What do your scores mean?
What do you do well?
What can you improve on?
    -How can you improve them? (be specific)

A score of...
0-39 - Indicates an area where your choices will SELDOM keep you on course
40-63 - Indicates an area where your choices will SOMETIMES keep you on course
64-80 - Indicates an area where your choices will USUALLY keep you on course

16 Personalities
What is your personality?
What do your results say your Strengths are?
What are your Weaknesses?
    -How can you address them
What careers?
    -Do you agree? Could you see yourself doing that job?

Slide 1 - Title Slide
Slides 2-5 - Self-Assessment
Slides 6-10 - 16 Personalities info
Slide 11 - Conclusion
Slide 12 - Thanks for listening 

Due Wednesday/Thursday