March 14-15th

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Happy Pi Day

New Blog Post
1. What specific careers are you interested in? 3-4 Sentences

2. What is something specific you are working to improve? 3-4 Sentences
    -What "Action Steps" are you taking?

3. What kind of person do you want to become for the rest of your life? 4-6 Sentences
    -Describe "Action Steps" to get there

-Use home address
    -Only send college stuff

*When students log in, they go to the first page (Profile).

They should start here.  Fill in the required fields.

When they are done with the page, students should hit ‘Next’ - that saves their work.

*On second page  – (Post-secondary options) – Students choose post-secondary options that might be of interest.  

Then hit ‘Next’ to save their work.

*Third page - Students fill out the three survey questions (Survey page).
Students need to hit ‘Next’ button on each page to save their work.

*On last page – (Contact Info) - Students can make sure that they have everything filled out correctly – Then hit "Next" to save and complete.

Open a New Google Doc
Growth Mindset Outline
Growth Mindset/Grit Outline
-3 people
-5 examples of how they showed/had growth mindset
-Write in complete sentences
-Copy/Paste sources


Pete Maravich 
    -Demanding father
    -Did not play freshman year

Mr. Costello
    -Working during college
    -Father passed away

Malala Yousafzai
    -Shot in the head by Taliban for wanting an education
    -Won a Nobel Peace Price

1. Alexander Graham Bell

2. Anne Frank

3. Thomas Alva Edison

4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

5. Ida Wells-Barnett

6. Maria Sotomayor

7. Jerry Yang

8. Michael Jordan

9. Abraham Lincoln

10. Malala Yousafzai

11. Bill Gates

12. Pete Maravich

13. Albert Einstein

14. Jim Carrey

15. Steve Jobs

16. Muhammad Ali

17. Jackie Robinson

18. Martin Luther King Jr

19. John Lewis

20. Bruce Lee

People who overcame difficult odds

Inspirational people

Turn in outline HERE