April 5-8th

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-20 minutes
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Intermediate Lessons DUE APRIL 11-12TH!

Self-Awareness Paper (2A/1B)
New Google Doc
5 Paragraphs
    -1 Intro, 3 body, 1 Conclusion
    -Size 12 Font
    -Double Spaced
    -Paragraph = 4-6 Sentences

    -What is Self-Awareness? Why is it important?

    -Paragraph 1: Examples from class
            Ex: Gary V, Free Solo - Alex Honnold, Pride (Movie Notes)

    "Some examples of Self-Awareness from class are..."

    -Paragraph 2: What are some areas you need to improve on?
        -School, Personal, Family, Skills, Leadership
        -Tools to help (From notes)
        -16 Personality Test, Self Assessment
        -What is holding you back?

    "The most important part of Self-Awareness is knowing what you can improve on, or knowing your             weaknesses for me some of the things I struggle with are..."
    -Paragraph 3: What are some of your strengths?
        -School, Relationships, Skills, Personal, Leadership
        -16 Personality Test, Self Assessment
        -What are somethings you do well enough to monetize?

    "In order to be the most successful we can be Gary Vaynerchuk believes in going "all in" on our                 strengths..."

    -Wrap it up
    -Summarize your thoughts