April 11-12th

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Mid-way Quiz

Blog Post #12 Emotional Intelligence / Metacognition

#1 Definition of Metacognition (Google)
#2 Definition of Emotional Intelligence (Google)
#3 How do these terms go together and fit into our self-awareness unit 3-4 Sent
#4 What are three signs of Emotional intelligence you do? Article HERE
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Intermediate Lessons DUE today!

Open a New Google Doc
Real World SA 40 Min
The article is to give examples of the importance of self-awareness with some real-world examples
Link to Article: Highlighted Important Sections

You need to have a real-world example for Self-Awareness Keywords
-Self Awareness -Self Audit -Dunning Kruger Effect -Emotional Intelligence -Metacognition

Give a real-world example for each vocab word and explain the situation 2-4 Sentences each keyword (need for test)
    -Examples can be very specific or general scenarios (Be careful to not just restate the definition)

1-Self Awareness
2-Self Audit
3-Dunning Kruger Effect
4-Emotional Intelligence

Ex:  Self Awareness can help you by ... This will help you develop into a ...

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