November 19-20th

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1. How much does someone need to make an hour to afford a modest 1 bedroom apartment? (Nationally)
    -How about in Oregon?

2. Look at the map, what are the 3 most expensive states to live in?

3. How does this affect you? Your job choice? Your schooling?


*When students log in, they go to the first page (Profile).

They should start here.  Fill in required fields.

When they are done with the page, students should hit ‘Next’ - that saves their work.

*On second page  – (Post-secondary options) – Students choose post-secondary options that might be of interest.  

Then hit ‘Next’ to save their work.

*Third page - Students fill out the three survey questions (Survey page).
Students need to hit ‘Next’ button on each page to save their work.

Fall Survey Questions

1.  List a goal you’d like to accomplish in the next few years of your life. Provide examples of specific actions you are taking (or could take) in pursuit of the goal.

2.  Name a teacher who has made a difference in your life and describe one important lesson you learned from him or her.

3.  Describe something from the past few months that you did well and are proud of. Explain why it was good work and why you are proud of it.

*On last page – (Contact Info) - Students can make sure that they have everything filled out correctly – Then hit "Next" to save and complete.

PUT SCHOOL ADDRESS: 1001 SE 135th Ave, Portland, OR 97233

Go to "Explore" -> Pick one of the topics to read about
Go to your blog, title it "My Student Path"
Write 5 sentences about the article you chose.

What are the biggest factors in school success at lower income schools?

How did the choices Omarina made lead her towards success?