November 13-14th

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Typing Web - 20 min

Finish Intermediate Lessons 8-?
Intermediate Due November 21st? (NEXT WEEK)

Finish Movie?

Growth Mindset/Grit Paper
-Name, Class, Period in Header
-Size 12 Font, Double Spaced
-Page # on bottom
-2 Full Pages (onto a 3rd)
-Mention your sources for quotes/ideas
    -_______ once said "..."
-5 Paragraphs (5-7 Sentences)
    -3 body Paragraphs

    -What is Growth Mindset/Grit? (example)
    -Why have a Growth Mindset?
    -Thesis Statement: 
"When overcoming obstacles has been proven that grit and a growth mindset are the two most important factors in success and these three individuals are great examples."

"Having a growth mindset can be one of the most important parts of your life." 
Paragraph 1- Examples of Fixed/Growth from Karate Kid
    -Johnny (Fixed)
    -Danny (Fixed to Growth)

Paragraph 2- My Fixed Mindset
    -Math Class
    -Growing up

Paragraph 3-  My Growth Mindset
    -"Adult Life"

    -Restate Thesis
    -How it can help me

*If you don't want to write about your life, you may write all 3 paragraphs about
The Karate Kid...