May 17-18th

posted May 17, 2018, 7:18 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated May 17, 2018, 10:46 AM ]
Blog Post #18 Social Media Anxiety 

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1. What is the definition of Anxiety (Look it up)?

2. Describe what the phrase compare and despair means 3-4 Sent

3. Why are people afraid of missing out? Why do people feel the need to post what they are doing? Are they bragging / or just letting people know?

4. Studies have shown that social media is addicting.  What do you think people are addicted to? 
        3-4 Sent

Finish Digital Dossier from last class

Turn in Shmoop Day 2

1. Social media is relatively new but exploded on the scene and seems to be here to stay.  Facebook went public in 2012 (Investment) and is now one of the largest companies in the world.  
What do you think makes Social media so popular?  4-6 sent. 
Timestamp 2-3 Min 

2. How are Social Media websites making money?  
Remember all of these social media websites are FREE to use but the companies are worth lots of money how is that? 4-6 sent. 

3. Why do people feel the need to compare likes?  
Why are some people excited about getting views or likes? 
Have you ever thought like this before or had friends that have?
Explain why you think that is 3-5 Sent.  
Timestamp 5 Min

4. How are Companies using Social media to get free marketing?  
Have you participated in something like this before? 
Ex.  Share this post and get a 20% coupon code or have a chance to win in a drawing? 
Timestamp 7 min

5. Why are "Likes" worth money?  
Timestamp 13-15 Min

6. Why are Brands and companies getting involved in youtube videos?  
They are giving items for free or for review to get publicity, why would a take these products?  
What are the brands hoping to get out of it? 3-5 Sent 
Timestamp 20 Min

7. Social media is driven by views and likes, If you have an account is it more important to post things that you enjoy or things that others will LIKE and view.  
What issues can this cause with your account / your attitude / your identity? 4-8 sent 
Timestamp 24 Min

8. Why is social media information so valuable? What makes it different/unique  3-6 Sent.  
Timestamp 30 Min

9. Why is the Teenage demographic worth the most money?  
Do you think that has a correlation in the value or social media websites? 3-5 Sent

10. Dani (Middle school girl) has started a youtube / Instagram and is searching for likes. Why did she start doing more than just singing on her youtube channel? 
Do you think she will regret making any of her videos later? 4-6 Sent 
Timestamp 48 Min