June 1st-4th

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Open up your chosen careers "Helpful HS Courses"
-Go to: OregonCIS (Login: ddouglas / Password: ddhs)

Look through the Curriculum Guide and pick 3 classes and list any "prerequisites" for each year that will help you towards your Career 
-Use David Douglas Classes!!!!
-"Ctrl+F" to search
    -EX: computers, psychology, biology, science

Sophomore Year
-Business Management -Intro to Business
-English 2     -English 1

Junior Year
Class                            Prerequisites
-Theatre 1                      -None
-English 3                      -None
-Theatre 2                      -Theatre 1

Senior Year

Finish Education Plan

FINAL Introduction!!!
Digital Literacy Final at least 13 slides long
Digital Literacy Final Rubric
You will be making a Google Presentation that covers the material listed above, in addition, we want:

    -Ideal Career listed on every slide
    -How Class will support Career on every slide

Use the following tools to find classes/clubs and career info so you can make an informed decision on your classes/clubs/activities going into your Sophomore, Junior and Senior Years
Tools to help:
College Planning by Grade

List of Clubs in your Planner (click to make bigger)

Final Example 1:
-This example would probably score a B/C, too many pictures and did not list their ideal/backup career on every slide when listing HS classes.
-Too many pictures, and some of the font is not >18
-Didn't capitalize properly
    -First words on - or bullet points are capitalized

Google Presentation

Final Example 2:
    -Probably an A on the assignment
        -Although font is hard to read

Google Presentation

June 1-4: Finish Ed Plan/Profile & Day 1 Final work
June 5-6: Day 2 Final work
June 7-8: Day 3 Final work
June 11-12: Day 1 Presentations
June 13-15: Finals - Day 2 Presentations