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September 27th

posted Sep 26, 2013, 11:08 AM by Mike Costello
Behave for the sub! Please!

Log into your student Google Account by clicking below...
Username = last name + first name + last two digits of your ID #
                        (Example: smithjohn51)
Password = Your 6 digit ID number

Question of the day
    -Comment on 2 other students blogs

Today you will be working on your resumes...

*if you have one already...
    -Update your resume (every section)
        -Address, email, skills, education (you are Juniors now), GPA, 
        experience, etc
    -Print and using the hand out from 2 classes ago have a                       classmate peer edit your resume. 
    -You are not finished until it is PERFECT, print a final copy and give to the sub to look over. 

*if you don't have a resume...
    -Log in to moodle and find the examples, pick one you like
        -Go to File->Make a copy
        -Make that resume yours (ask a neighbor for help)

If you are completely finished you may go to the websites I have provided on the menu bar to the left. NO FACEBOOK OR TWITTER, if you can't handle that work on homework or take a nap.