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16 Personalities Assignment

The 16 Personalities


Directions & Question 1(Copy and Paste)

Personality is just one of many factors that guide our behavior, however, our actions are also influenced by our environment, our experiences, and our individual goals. 

On the website, we describe how people belonging to a specific personality type are likely to behave. 
We outline indicators and tendencies, however, these are not definitive guidelines or answers. 

Significant differences can exist even among people who share a personality type. The information on this website is meant to inspire personal growth and an improved understanding of yourself and your relationships – not to be taken 
as gospel.

Step 1
There are 16 Personalities in this survey. Look at them above, and quickly read about them under the pictures, which one do you think you are? If you can’t narrow it down to one personality type which group do you believe you are apart of. It is better if you can try and narrow it down to one personality.

Open 2 new Google Docs
Title them:
    1.16 Personalities Info
    2.16 Answers

In "16 Answers":
Question 1: Write 3-5 Sentences on why you picked the personality you did and make sure to give some examples

Ex. I think I am a ____________ because _____________

Ex. I think I am _________ group because ____________

Question 1a: What "Personality" do you think Mr. Costello is? Why? (BE NICE)


Follow the steps below:

  1. Take the Survey! Click HERE

  2. FAQ on bottom

  3. When results are in, take a screenshot of them (Delete Mine)

    1. Make your window full screen

    2. Click "Print Screen" Button

    3. A box should pop up on the bottom right of your screen
    4. Click on "Copy to Clipboard"

    5. Go to your "16 info" doc

    6. Paste the picture (Ctrl V)

4. You will need to click (Start Reading)

5. Click on these sections and Copy(Ctrl C)/Paste (Ctrl V) all the info you need from Introduction, Strengths and Weakness, Friendships, Career Path into your

"16 Personalities Info" Google Doc to save

6. Use the “Explore your Type” on the left to answer these following questions in your "16 Answers" Google Doc

Questions (16 Answer Doc)

Answer in complete sentences

1. Use the Introduction to write a short description of the personality you got. (Short paragraph)
(There is a short section near the end of the intro that will be helpful) What "entertainers" are like you?

2. Do you agree with any of the Strengths or Weaknesses?  (Paragraph)
        Do you disagree with any of them?
        Give some reasons why! 3-4 Examples

3. How does your personality treat friendships?  3-5 Sentences

4. What careers are recommended for this personality?  Make a list of 5

5. Do you agree with the "personality" you got? 4-7 Sent.  Give examples!

Don’t forget to turn the "16 Answers" document to Mr. Costello!

Survey FAQ / Vocab

Page 1:

  1. Question #3: talking about Email think of Text’s / Snaps / DM / Email

  2. Question #5: Initiate: Def = cause (a process or action) to begin.

Page 2:

  1. Question #1: Superior Def = Better quality

  2. Question #5: Justify Def = Prove to be right

Page 3:

  1. Question #1: Practical: Def = By the book, not very creative

Page 4:

  1. Question #4: Envious: Def = Wanting to have what others have

Page 6:

  1. Question #2&6: Improvise: Def = Create on the spot, with no planning

  2. Question #5: Intriguing: Def = Interesting, want to know more

Page 7:

  1. Question #6: Frequently: Def = Often or a lot

Page 9:

  1. Question #1: Procrastinate: Def = Wait until the last minute

  2. Question #5: Unconventional and ambiguous: Def = Not normal, different