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September 19th

posted Sep 19, 2018, 8:35 AM by Mike Costello


  • Distribute blue ½ sheet

  • Explain that all of the LCL’s got together and came up with the most need-to-know information about DDHS

  • Show the video

  • Answer any questions freshmen have!


  • Walk around the classroom and assist students

    • Make sure they write their name in their planner

    • Help them find the right page # (if the teacher is pointing out topics/pages)

    • Share how important it is to write down their HW!

• Planner
Please read and talk about these policies that are in the planner:
Electronic Devices – Pg. 35 & 36, Harassment – Pg. 33 & 34 and any
other policies you feel need to be discussed. Make sure students
sign the first page of their planner in pen!

• Dress Code
Please review the insert on dress code that came with the planner.
Then make sure they insert it into their planner.

• Assemblies
o All students are required to go to the assemblies.
o Students are required to sit in their designated area: Freshman – East
Balcony, Sophomores – West Balcony, Juniors - East Main Floor
Bleachers, Seniors – West Main Floor Bleachers
o During our National Anthem students will sit or stand quietly and
with respect.
o Students are expected to sit quietly, be courteous and respectful and
be a positive participant of the assembly.
o All students are required to stay seated at the assembly until excused.

• Games
o You must have DDHS ID to enter a game.
o Students must sit in the DDHS student section, which is in the very
SOUTH section of the grandstands for football games and east floor of
the north gym for basketball games.
o Please remember you are representing David Douglas High School.
o Only positive cheer towards players, referees, and coaches.
o No signs, masks that cover the face, or any other uniforms or
costumes that are inappropriate.
o No Backpacks

• Dances
o DDHS ID cards must be presented to enter a dance
o Inappropriate dancing will not be tolerated.
o Guests are only allowed at Prom. (with administrative approval)
o School dances are 9pm to 11pm. Prom is from 8pm to 11pm.
o Students will not be allowed into the dances 90 minutes after they
o If you leave the dance you may not return.
o Students must have transportation home after the dance. A taxi
may be called 30 minutes after the dance, by an administrator, if
a student does not have a ride and the taxi fees will be charged to
the legal guardian.

• Cafeteria
o David Douglas has a closed campus policy. You may not leave campus
during lunch to eat or pick up food.
o You must use your DDHS ID card or pay cash to buy food.
o Please clean up your own mess after eating, put food trays in the turn-
in opening of the kitchen, and make sure your table area is clean
before leaving.
o No cutting in lines or saving spots for friends while waiting to pay or
receive your food.
o You are only allowed to eat or have food in the designated areas.
There are sections of the school that are off limits during lunch due to
class being in session. Please respect the posted signs.