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October 31st

posted Oct 31, 2018, 7:24 AM by Mike Costello

Activity:  Discuss the following options in an active shooter situation

  1. Flee

  2. Hide

  3. Fight


The first and best option (if you can safely do this) is to get out of the school as quickly as you can.  Get out and get as far away from the school as possible BUT stay together as a group.  If you can safely warn others on your way out, do so; be sure to take your cell phone so you can let others know where you (and students) went.

Activity:  Discuss the different options you have in the following situations:

  1. An active shooter is in the school but far away from your room

  1. A shooter is close but not in your immediate area or hallway

3)   The shooter is in your hallway and very near your classroom door.


  1. Flee:  Can you safely leave through your door?  If not, is there another door that leads out of the classroom?  Are there windows that could be opened, or broken, that you could use to get out of the room?  Discuss the fastest way to get outside from your classroom, and once outside, where would you go?  Is escaping into an enclosed courtyard a good idea?

  1. Hide:  Discuss how you could barricade the door using desks, chairs, a podium, a technology cart etc.  How can you make it difficult for the shooter to get in so maybe they will give up and leave? What can you use to shield students from bullets - are there tables, or a bookshelf in the room?  Is there a closet in the room where people could hide? Are there cabinets in the room that people could fit into? Hiding isn’t ideal because it leaves you in a passive, vulnerable position.  If you are hiding, think about ways you could defend yourself if the shooter finds you.

  1. Fight:  Talk about objects in the room that could be good weapons and what objects could be useful shields for protection.  Discuss strategies the group could use to overtake the shooter. Can you ambush them at the door? Assign different jobs to students, some students can be in charge of throwing things at the attacker if they get into the room, some students can yell or shout to confuse the attacker, some students can be in charge of rushing/ambushing the assailant etc.  

Do not open your door to anyone – especially if they are claiming to be the police.  The police will have been given a master key and won’t have to ask you to open the door.