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October 24th

posted Oct 24, 2018, 7:42 AM by Mike Costello

Activity #1:  What is StudentVUE?:

StudentVUE is a place on the district website where students can access information about their grades, attendance, and email teachers  In order to get onto StudentVUE, a student needs an access code, and then they need their user name and password to log in.  This access code is sent home every year, but can be shared to students by a few staff members (listed below). If you get locked out of your account (by forgetting your password for example), these staff members can also help you get logged back into your account.

Deb Wheelbarger, Amy Roley, Kelly Knudsen in the Library

Galen Schmitt in the Scots Center

Sheyla Hirshon in the North Office

Paige Mathews in the South Office

Naomi Schneider in the Counseling Office

There is also a StudentVUE app for your phone, which can make it very easy to check grades on a regular basis.

Activity#2:  Academic Tracking worksheet

Have the students write down their schedule and put their current grade in each class; if they don’t know, they can take a guess for now.  Encourage them to find out later by going on StudentVUE or asking their teacher.

Activity #3:  Action Plan

Brainstorm ways that students can improve or maintain good grades.  Have students write down three things they can do right now to help ensure they can be successful academically this semester.  

When discussing ways to improve grades, this can apply to any student, even students with good grades.  The obvious priority is to focus on core classes, as these classes have to be retaken if failed. Also, help students think about how to get a C to a B or a B to an A.  

Ideas to be successful:

Get help from teacher before school, at lunch or after school.  

Go to Scots Center for help

Go to all classes every day- when absent get make-up work immediately

Get all homework done and turned in on time

Do extra credit when teacher offers it

Study before all quizzes and tests