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November 28th

posted Nov 28, 2018, 7:39 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated Nov 28, 2018, 7:39 AM ]

Cell Phones

No warnings! Cell phones being taken on sight

Academic Tracking

Topic:  Track grades and make plans on how to finish the semester strong.  


  1. Help students understand the value of StudentVUE

  2. Students will be proactive and prioritize what they need to do academically to have a successful semester

  3. Have students reflect on positive things in their lives.


  1. Remind students to use StudentVUE regularly

  2. Have students track their progress in their classes and make an action plan to be successful first semester.

  3. Have students talk about things they are thankful for


Progress Reports will be sent home this week, which will provide updated class grades.  There are only five weeks left in this semester, so now is the time to get focused academically.  Do you have missing work that needs to be turned in? Is there any extra credit you can do to improve your grade?  Are there major projects that need to be completed? Be proactive and prioritize what you need to do in the next month to get the grades you desire!!

Activity #1:  Remind students to be using StudentVUE to check grades

If students get locked out of their account, they can go to the library, the north and south office, the counseling office or Scots Center to get it unlocked.

Activity#2:  Academic Tracking worksheet

Have the students write down their schedule and put their current grade in each class; if they don’t know, they can take a guess for now.  Encourage them to find out later by going on StudentVUE or checking the progress report that is being sent home this week.

Activity #3:  Action Plan

Brainstorm ways that students can finish the semester strong.  Have students write down three things they can do right now to be proactive in their school work and prioritize what things are most important right now.

Ideas to be successful:

Get help from a teacher before school, at lunch or after school  

Go to Scots Center for help

Go to all classes every day- when absent get make-up work immediately

Get all work done and turned in on time – finish all projects/papers

Do extra credit if possible

Take good notes in class and study to be prepared for exams

Activity # 4: Being Thankful

It is easy to forget about the many positive things that we have in our lives. Ask students to think about things they are thankful for and share with a classmate.  Little things can make a big difference in our life; take time to be grateful for those little things.

Examples: Family, friends, pets, school, sports/activities, hobbies etc.

I am thankful my home/community has not been ravaged by wildfires!