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May 29th

posted May 29, 2019, 10:04 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated May 29, 2019, 11:29 AM by Mike Costello ]

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Topic:  Student-Led Conferences: Script & Scheduling


1. Staff will confirm conference dates and times with students

2. Students will continue to work on their conference script.


1.  Schedule all conferences for students and confirm times.  

2.  Students will continue working on their script.


Conferences are required to pass advisory but the student’s attendance is the only requirement – if parents cannot attend that will not prevent a student from passing.  If a student misses a conference, they will need to make up that conference at a time that works for you. If you cannot find a time before the end of the school year, conference make-ups will occur with an administrator at an agreed upon date.

Activity #1:  SLC Scheduling

1.  Schedule any conferences that haven’t been scheduled. Confirm with students their conference date and time.  

Activity #2:  Students work on SLC script

2. Students need to continue preparing for their conference by working on their script; the script format is in the drive.  A student can use the exact wording in the script provided, or create their own script following the guidelines of the example script.  The On-Track form should be helpful during this process as well as having students look up their most current grades on StudentVUE. Looking up their grades will help students see how they are doing second semester.  Are they failing any classes? What is their GPA?

*If a student knows they are not passing a class second semester, they should mention that in their conference, as this will put them off-track for graduation.  They can discuss ways to make up that credit during their conference (Credit Retrieval, Summer School, adding a class to their schedule next year).