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May 11th-12th

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Typing.com (20 Minutes)
    -ID #

Finish Shmoop Day 3 (15 minutes)
    -New Step 5!!!!
        -If you are already done with Step 5 it's ok

Make sure document can be seen "by anyone with the link"
-More-> "Anyone with the link can view"

Shmoop Day 4-Cyberbullying Part 2

Step 1
Write down 5 things from the video (1 from each section)
1. So what is cyber-bullying?
2. Signs, Indicators & Effects...
3. What can children and parents do?
4. What can the Teacher do?
5. List one of the statistics...

YouTube Video

Step 2
1. What do they compare cyber-bullying to? Why?
2. What does the virus "feed on"?
3. How can you fight against it?

YouTube Video

Step 3
React to the video...
    -Was it good/corny? Why?
    -What are some things that you connected with?
4-5 sentences

YouTube Video

Read a little more about Amanda Todd HERE

Step 4
1. What is her "Rethink" project?
2. Will it work? And help solve the problem?
        -Why or why not?

YouTube Video

Step 5
Write a short paragraph (4-6 Sentences) on why you think we have covered Cyberbullying so much?
    -Why is it important?
    -Is it a big deal?
    -List statistics to help prove your point

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