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June 4th-5th

posted Jun 4, 2017, 11:29 PM by Nathan Tew   [ updated Jun 5, 2017, 2:30 PM ]
Final Work Day #2

Welcome back I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today you will have the class period to work on your final, I expect you to do your work, do your best and stay on task!

Final Presentation is due Sunday June 11th @ 11:00 pm!

Only 2 weeks until summer!

Digital Literacy Final at least 13 slides long
Digital Literacy Final Rubric
You will be making a Google Presentation that covers the material listed above, in addition we want:
    -Personal Mission Statement (right after Title Slide) (+1 Slide)
    -2 Short Term Goals and 2 Long Term Goals (+2 slides)
    -Ideal Career and Backup Career listed on every slide
    -How Class will support Career on every slide

Use the following tools to find classes/clubs and career info so you can make an informed decision on your classes/clubs/activities going into your Sophomore, Junior and Senior Years
Tools to help:
Career Info
List of Clubs in your Planner (click to make bigger)

Final Presentation Example

Remember to use the correct format!

  • PowerPoint

    • Minimum 13 slides

      • Remember – 8 or fewer words per bulleted line (20 pts)

        • When you present you will expand your thoughts            (“talk to your audience”)

      • Use keywords | short phrases to describe . . .

        • No punctuation marks (except Personal Mission Statement)

    • Include appropriate pictures & graphics related to your content – No more than 7 pictures in the slide show

    • Choose a theme

    • 4 different slide layouts

    • 18+ size font

Copy of Dig Lit Final Example

If you think you are done double check that you have all of the criteria covered and check your grammar!

Remember this is your final and I expect your best work!