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February 16th-20th

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New Blog Post
Visit Tween Tribune or cnn.com
-Pick any story you want
-Define 3 vocab words, or use them in a sentence to show meaning

-Summarize article and why you chose it 4-5 sentences

-Understanding the Culture of Higher Education On Course (pg.13-21)

On Course-Culture MS-HS.pptx

Summary Paragraph in your notes:
After taking notes on ________, I learned that__________. 
I also learned that _________. 
This can directly affects me because ______________. 
One thing that surprised me was_____________________.

-Take notes "High School Culture"

Wonder Years

Journal #2
(try to do this every class)
    -Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 how you are feeling
    -3 things that are bothering you
    -3 things you are grateful for
    -2 things want to get accomplished today.