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April 3rd-4th

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New Blog Post
Watch the following 2 videos and answer the questions on your blog...
What is Digital Literacy?
    -What is Digital Literacy?
    -Why is it important?
Watch Video #2
    -What does the word "Literate" mean?
    -What are some things you should be doing online according to Common Core?

Journal #5 or 6
1. Copy and Paste the Victim Language statements from below 
and translate them into Creator Language...

    -The two keys to Creator Language are taking ownership of a problem and taking positive actions to solve it. 
    -Ownership and a Plan
    -See Page 51-52 in book for examples

 Victim Language
 Creator Language
 If they'd do something about the parking on campus, I wouldn't be late so often.
 I'm failing my online class because the site is impossible to navigate. 
 I'm too shy to ask questions in class even when I'm confused.
 She's a lousy instructor. That's why I failed the first test.
 I hate group projects because people are lazy and I always end up doing most of the work.
 I wish I could write better, but I just can't.
 My friend got me so angry that I can't even study for the exam.
 I'll try to do my best this semester.
 The financial aid form is too complicated to fill out. 
 I work nights so I didn't have time to do the assignment. 

2. Is your habit to speak as a Victim or Creator? Do you find yourself more inclined to blame yourself, blame others, or seek solutions?
(3-4 Sentences)
Image result for victim and creator languageImage result for victim and creator language

New GoogleSlides Assignment
9-10 Slides Long
No more than 4 Pictures
    -8 words or less
Size 18 Font
Slide Titles
3 different slide formats
Pick a theme 1-2 colors

Slide 1: Title Slide (Victim/Creator Scenario)
Slide 2: Describe situation (Can be Paragraph Form)
    -ex: Teacher was supposed to meet you after school, they aren't there.
Slides 3-4: Victim Reaction (Says/Does)
Slide 5: Result
Slides 6-7: Creator Reaction (Says/Does)
Slide 8: Creator Result
Slide 9: Victim/Creator Quote & Image

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