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April 21st-24th

posted Apr 20, 2017, 2:40 PM by Mike Costello   [ updated Apr 26, 2017, 11:11 AM ]
Blog/Typing Games (20 min)

1. Summarize the article in 3 Sentences
    -Who? What? Where? How much?
2. What does "live comfortably" mean?
3. What jobs do you think make that much $$$? List 3-5

Finish Lottery Assignment (25-30 min)

Turn in HERE: (Lottery Assignment)
Make sure document can be seen "by anyone at DD"
-More-> "Anyone at DD"

Need Help? (How To Video)

Start BBQ Grocery List Assignment.
Walmart Grocery - Use Zip Code 97233

Happy birthday! You are turning 15 and your parents said you can have a birthday BBQ this Saturday, but you can only spend $125 to feed everyone.

Your assignment is to buy food, soda, snacks, candy, plastic plates/cups/utensils, a birthday cake and candles for your BBQ!

*CANNOT spend more than $125.00
*Must be able to feed at least 15 people
    -Burgers are usually 1/4 pound, so if you buy 1 pound of hamburger, you can feed 4 people
*Must tell me how much of each item you are buying
*5 pictures
*Format as Currency 

 Item     Amount Cost Total 
Pound of Hamburger 

I will teach you a new formula next class to figure out total cost when buying multiple items

Need Help? (How To Video)