Sept 20th

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Updated Lists
-North Groups, South Groups, and a new document with New Groups for our Link Crew leaders.  I had to make a New Group because the current lists (even after being converted to Word, would not let me add sheets).  The lists on Schoology reflect Dropped students in red with a line through them, Added students at the bottom of the lists in blue and an "A", and new information at the top regarding split groups and shared groups.  The New Group list has one new Link Crew leader (Nyra) and all the newly registered students from Sherrie's list sent weekly.  As I get her lists weekly, I will add and drop so your students can check their updated lists when necessary...


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are having their annual Light The Night Walk and celebration on October 8th. I am emailing you because you may have students that you work with willing to volunteer and be apart of the event. 

This is a great community service activity if your kids need community service hours.

Below is a link that can take you directly to the website to sign up for a shift of your choosing. I have also attached a flyer that you can hand out to any of your kids if they are interested. 

How do I Volunteer?

We have shifts on Friday, October 7th  and Saturday, October 8th  On Friday we need people to decorate tables, fold t-shirts, put batteries in lanterns, set up tables and hang banners. On Saturday volunteers will be helping check-in participants, handing out t-shirts and lanterns, answering questions and offering directions, clearing tables and replenishing beverages and more.

All volunteers will receive a t-shirt and snacks during their shift.

We hope you will join us. Click here to sign up now:

Access Code


Go to:
                -Name site First Last Link Blog
                -Choose Theme
Go to: More Actions    
            -Click on "Change Page Template"   
            -Change to "Announcements"

Click "NEW POST" and Create blog
    -2 Truths and 1 Lie about yourself (must be appropriate)

1. I graduated from DDHS in 1999
2. I had a perfect 4.0 college GPA
3. I have 2 cats named Autzen and Cash

Let's Start...

        -3 things...
        -1 Thing that it takes to be successful?

    -Watch (Take notes, summarize)
    -Teach in 2 min

Check ins

Back-to-School Open House is THIS Week!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

4:30pm – 6:30pm

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