December 2nd

posted Dec 1, 2016, 10:33 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated Dec 2, 2016, 9:50 AM ]
Instead of you meeting with your freshmen to do an Academic Follow Up at some point before Winter Break, the Link Crew teachers have come up with a different way to meet with the freshmen that might be better.

You will need to select ONE time either after school or during late lunch to be available for your freshmen. Once you have determined the date and time/location that is going to be best for you, you will sign up for it to let me know which day you are claiming.  Once you have committed to your date, you are next ready to create invites for your freshmen.  You will create these today and hand them out on Tuesday 12/6.  Your invites should suggest that you are going to be available to have a check in (Academic Follow Up) or chat about how things are going generally.  Once you have the invites prepared and distributed and your freshmen know what date, place, and time to meet with you (it’s optional for them) then on your given date you are there and if  kids show up you touch base, if not, you at least took care of your Link Crew class requirement.

Group Meeting Semester Check Up (25 points)
Dec 7th-8th
Dec 12-15th

Invite After School (Activity Bus)
Lunch 1st Lunch in Costello's Room
Lunch 2nd Lunch in LC class

Make invitation
You pick the date
    -Dec 13th (Shaw Room 145 or Powellson Room 139)

Have kids schedule available
    -Check in how each class is going
    -Prep for finals
    -Study Session

Must Tell me Date/Time/Location before you make invite
Must stay until activity bus!
    -Bring a board game, cards, etc
    -Or everyone must leave, no wandering

Early Lunch                                 Late Lunch
North:                                            North:
-Gym                                                -Math and LIbrary Hall (127-136)
-Math/Science                                  -English (138-159)
-Pool                                                -Science (S1-12)
-Soc. Studies                                South:
South:                                              -Gym
-PAC                                                -Auto                                  
-Main Hall (210-11, 221-228)           -Business/Language (202-209)(212-229)
-Cafeteria Hall (229-241)

Finals Study Session (Save the Date)
Tuesday, January 17th
-Activity Bus
-LC will sign up for "Areas" to Tutor/Study Skills

Pack The Place
January 20th, 6pm
-Will invite in Jan