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October 24-25th

posted Oct 24, 2016, 7:28 AM by Mike Costello   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 8:18 AM ]
Log in to typing.com
    -Go to "Tests"
        -Compare your 1st tests with your most recent ones...

Blog Post (20 min)

-Gauge Keyboarding Progress (Test 1 to Test 2) in blog post
    -Answer the following questions:
        -My accuracy improved/decreased from _____ to _____
        -My speed increased/decreased from ____ to ____
        -I feel like overall my typing ability has... because...

Start on Intermediate Lessons

Believing In Yourself Slideshow pg 31-33
You will make a new Google Presentation covering:
    "Self-Acceptance" 3
    "Self Esteem" 3
    "Core Beliefs" 3
    "Know and Accept Self" 3
Cover Slide (name, class, period)
1st slide=Definition (Own)
2nd slide=How you show (Now)
3rd slide=Future you/Goals

Choose 1 theme
Must use 4 different slide layouts
No more than 2 pictures per slide
    -8 WORDS per 
    -Size 18 Font

Turn in HERE (Believing In Yourself)
Click on "Share", "Get Shareable Link" and then "More"
Click on "Anyone with the link CAN VIEW"
Copy (Ctrl-C) the link

IF finished, work on Journal #2 from last class

Learning Targets
-Students will improve keyboarding skills, and produce online writing
-Use Google Docs to create a presentation
-Learn/Review/Apply what "Self Acceptance, Self Esteem, Core Beliefs, Know/Accept Self" are