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October 10th-11th

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New Blog (2 Parts)
Part 1
-Why is it important to be a person who has integrity or good character?

-Core Values/Principals=*Standards of behavior and guiding principles that help people determine 
right from wrong. A way of behaving that helps create positive outcomes in relationships and life.

-Which 5 are most important? (copy/paste) Why?
Honesty: to be truthful; not lying or deceiving others in any way
Respect: to treat others in a polite, courteous and civil manner
Responsible: to be relied on to do what is right, expected or required
Determination: – to be firm in your purpose; unwavering in your cause
Fairness: to treat all people the same; to show no favoritism
Optimistic: to have a positive view of things; a hopeful outlook
Loyalty: to show complete and constant support for someone/thing
Trustworthy: to keep your word; do what you say you are going to do
Perseverance: to keep working on something even when it gets hard; to not give up
Kindness: to treat others in a gentle, caring manner
Resilient: to be able to withstand and recover from a difficult experience
Empathy: to share another person’s feelings or experiences
Grit: to show mental toughness and determination when presented with a challenge
Restraint: to have control over your behaviors and emotions; the ability to say no to emotional wants/urges
Hard Work: to always do your best at any task or activity; give 100%

-How can having strong Core Values help you in life?

Part 2
1. What does Steven Covey say about Personal Mission Statements?
2. Write at least 3 things down in the following areas...
        -Past Success
        -How do you want to make a difference?
        -What are your goals?

10. Personal Mission Statement
9. Hillsboro HS
8. Water on Mars
7. College Majors
6. Self Assessment Reflection
5. Self Assessment Blog
4. Proper Keyboard Technique w/ 2 pictures
3. I'm Getting A Divorce
2. What is Success?
1. How to Succeed in HS

Save As-> "First Last Great Discovery"

4. Great Library- Why?

Finished? Due Today
Please do a good job on this
    -Bullet Points
    -Put thought into every slide

-Turn in your Great Discovery Slides HERE

How to turn in assignments...

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