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May 16th

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BBQ Thursday!!!!
-Bring board games?
-Fill out form if you haven't yet (May 6th)

Interview Addition to Leadership Presentation
-Due Friday

Service Learning Projects Due 5/20
-Present 5/20 and 5/24
-Volunteer hours? Still need to present

Google Spreadsheet Form

Service Learning Presentations Work Time
  • Presentations need to be at least 10 minutes long with everyone having a speaking part. PRACTICE! There should be no awkward pauses or laughing. Check the presentation evaluation rubric for reminders of what's important (on main page of Schoology).
  • You need some kind of visual aid -- powerpoint, poster board, pamphlet, etc. This should be VERY neat and professional looking.
  • The presentation is to share what you did and why. The process of planning and the execution of your project are good things to talk about [Were there any road blocks that you had to work through? Did you have to rethink your projects?].

Ted Talk Video Summary

The purpose of this assignment is to summarize the essential points of your video. This is important because we won’t watch your entire Ted Talk video in class.  Your summary MUST include the following information:

A topic sentence that provides the title of the video, speaker’s name, and a brief explanation of the video. 


In the Ted Talk video Living Beyond Limits, Amy Prudy discusses how her life changed by an illness that 

resulted in the amputation of both her legs.

5 Key Points:
-Define key words
-Main Ideas

Your summary should include:

  1. Reference to your person or subject by NAME-don’t use pronouns (he, she etc.)

  2. Provide background information that is needed to fully understand your topic.

                           Think of 5 the Ws (who-what-where-when-why)

     3. Refer to the speaker by their full name the first time it is written, and there after by their last name only.

  1. Refrain from making any opinion statements or injecting yourself into the summary.

I really like …. Everyone must stop hunger now! In this summary I’m going to tell you...

Amy Prudy-Key Points

  1. Before her illness Prudy was a competitive snowboarder.

  2. Lost both legs  and a kidney at 19 to bacterial meningitis

  3. Believes in “breaking down borders” a term she uses to describe the power of imagination and personal choice

  4. After losing her legs she went on to become the top rated adaptive snowboarder in the world.

  5. Co-founded Adaptive Action Sport

Amy Prudy-Living Beyond Limits

In the Ted Talk  video Living Beyond Limits, Amy Prudy discusses how her life changed by an illness that resulted in the amputation of both her legs. Prudy lived 19 years in a healthy active body on one horrible day that all changed forever.  Prudy awoke in a hospital, after being sick for several days, without her two legs and a kidney. She had nearly died from bacterial meningitis and with her new body fought a hard battle to reclaim her life. Prudy discovered the key to survival and ability to live a happy and full life would need to come from deep within herself. “Living beyond limits” and “breaking down borders” are two terms Prudy coined to describe the important power of imagination and looking beyond personal limitations. Prudy’s resolve lead to her being ranked one of the world’s top adaptive snowboarders and co-founding the nonprofit organization Adaptive Action Sports.