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June 10th

posted Jun 9, 2016, 1:17 PM by Mike Costello
From an English Teacher:
"For the written part of the final, my English 1 classes had to write a narrative about something that happened freshman year. So far, about half of them have told the story of the first day of school (which turned out to be orientation). They all expressed high anxiety and killer nerves--especially when students were divided between two gyms and friends had to separate--and then they say that that freshman day calmed them down. They are quite complimentary about how the personal stories the stories their Link Crew leaders told them relaxed them, that the games they played broke down barriers, and that they were willing to talk to people they may have never talked with before. 

This happened 9 months ago, and yet they describe it with great detail. You guys made a big impression on them. They may roll their eyes when you pull them out of class, but they really appreciate the mentoring you have done with them. You have made the school seem smaller and the upperclassmen seem approachable. 

What's great is that you guys made it seem like Link Crew was tradition. I don't think they could imagine freshman year without your presence. Thank you."